Mediation in a Nutshell

“During the last twenty-five years, the field of mediation has evolved and matured, perhaps far more than those involved in the process envisioned. In most ways, this growth of mediation use has been very encouraging, constructive and valuable. Individuals are learning innovative and a creative ways to solve problems. Matters are being resolved expeditiously. Awareness that all problem solving need not be based upon a win-lose, right-wrong paradigm has increased. But along with that progress have also come concerns and unease. Like any maturity in innovation, “growing pains” have emerged. This is particularly true of mediation use as it relates to the courts, not surprisingly, the last several years have brought us may developments in terms of how and where mediation is conducted as well as expansion of the parameters of practice. These rules, guidelines and policy matters surrounding mediation practice are now found in case law, statutes, court rules, books, law reviews and professional journals.

This book is an attempt to provide a concise, yet comprehensive overview of most of the issues that currently affect mediation practice, although space did not permit in depth analyses of each of the myriad of issues raised, the reader hopefully will find useful resources through the references, cases and bibliographies at the end of each chapter.

I wish to thank my friends and colleagues who made suggestions with regard to the content and outline of this book. My indebtedness is also extended to all of those whose thoughtful and insightful publications have formed the foundation of the continuing knowledge and further innovation in the field of dispute resolution.
Much appreciation goes to Liz Herre for her outstanding research and editing assistance, as well as words of encouragement.
And, finally,  a special expression of gratitude to my wonderful family,  for whose presence and  support  I am eternally thankful.”

Austin, Texas
January, 2003

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University of Texas
Thomson West
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